caring Dry to Damaged Hair


supreme mask


When it seems that you need a miracle, you have no choice: soft, strong hair with a velvet effect.


A pH4 formula, with milk and wheat proteins, that transforms your hair, adding body and improving texture.


16. 91 Oz. - 8.55 Oz.
250ml tube | 500ml jar

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Milk Proteins

Milk proteins are restructuring and nutritive ingredients that improve hair hydration and elasticity naturally, leaving your hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

Wheat Proteins

This natural ingredient, with an amino acid composition similar to the Keratin protein, increases hair’s ability to retain moisture, making it strong, full and supple.


Naturally occurring lipids found in the hair fiber, Ceramides are needed as a part of any basic moisture and strengthen treatment, to protect the hair and restore its health.