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About us

Quality Tradition Results

Born in the best Italian salons, for over 40 years Il Salone Milano has been the brand chosen by professional hairdressers and truly used by them, offering the same hair salon results also at home.

Our values

Legendary heritage

Established in 1980, Il Salone Milano continues to offer quality, performance and results to hairdressers and consumers around the world.

Professional results

Il Salone Milano provides professional services and high quality results. Best-in-class products of proven effectiveness, popular with hairdressers and consumers alike.

Made in Italy

Il Salone Milano has always relied on its Italian know-how and on the professional expertise of a leading company such as Alfaparf Milano. Products formulated and produced in Italy.

Free from products

Il Salone Milano products are free-from products, consciously developed and formulated to deliver professional performance.

Natural-origin ingredients

Formulas that combine natural-origin ingredients and technological innovation to guarantee incredible results.

Vegan formula

Il Salone Milano formulas are vegan, i.e. free from animal or animal-derived ingredients.*
*Haircare products, except the Keratin line and Bond Rebuilder Oil product line.

The Group

Il Salone Milano is part of the ALFAPARF MILANO Group, an Italian multinational operating in the cosmetics sector, founded by Roberto Franchina. The Group operates in the hair, face and body care sector and integrates Research and Development, Production, Distribution and Training with technological products and equipment,

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