Yellow Remover

Yellow Remover professional product line, specifically formulated to enhance natural or coloured blonde hair, grey hair or white hair. Neutralises unwanted yellow tones and enhances natural radiance. Deeply nourishes hair, leaving it soft and visibly healthy-looking.

Neutralises unwanted yellow tones

A complete professional range developed and formulated to instantly neutralise unwanted yellow tones. The purple formula restores natural radiance.
Vegan formulas that is Free From Petrolatum · Mineral Oils · Paraffins

  • NEUTRALISES Unwanted yellow toes
    Yellow tones are neutralised
  • INCREASED Nourishment and Radiance
    Hair is incredibly nourished and more radiant.

Italian professionalism

Il Salone Milano has been providing professional, high-performance products to help every woman make the most of her beauty, both in-salon and at home, for over 40 years.

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